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A Story Without a Title. Whose task is it to save them? This is a clever story about the journey through all the stages of life, and a hope that our children will grow to appreciate it. What lengths a stage-mother will go and how long potatoes stay hot to ensure her musician-son's hands are warm for the festival! In the Spring.

Educate the world that nurses save lives!

Franklin's letter is a play-on-words to celebrate the ephemeral. Life certainly IS short-- take it from a mayfly. A heartwarming story about an oatmeal parade and "angel-children" who help a family in need.

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A small man and a bear together in a tent? A Tent in Agony.

Hypochondriacs beware: "Do not trust they body with a physician" or a lit pipe! A rare treat of humorous prose by H. Woolf's vivid and colorful imagery, and eccentric characters with a range of mental faculties, bring the reader along on a happy hallucination.

What if your dog or cat could talk? Then recite those snide comments you made about your dinner guests when they arrive? Poking fun at the likes of modern-day "helicopter" parents, Marion Eggelby couldn't be more proud of her job raising perfect children. Bridge-playing is absolutely out of the question, tatamount to criminal classes! The Golden Windows.

Left at their door-step as a baby ten years ago, he's been nothing but trouble ever since. Should he stay or go? Andersen pays tribute to the often misunderstood or ridiculed innovators, "martyred geniuses" whose accomplishments were borne on a "thorny road.

Part morality tale, part science and philosophy lesson, sometimes we value what we see from a distance, and fail to recognize our own good fortune. With the right conductor, sharing memories about home and the promises of true love make this Christmas train ride a delightful recollection. Androclus and the Lion. A young man who forfeits his education to save his family's farm is a perfect tale of appreciation for Thanksgiving or any time.

The Velveteen Rabbit.

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Feel-Good Children's Stories. Andersen's inspiring story is about finding out where we fit in the world, and building confidence as we discover who we are. A girl's lesson about showing consideration for all creatures, big or small. Illustrations make the story! Short and fluffy and pretty empty-headed. Not at all earth shattering. Can't really recommend unless you borrow it for free. Jul 22, Meganjoy rated it liked it. Light My Fire - 3 stars Dr. Feelgood - 3 stars. Staceyr rated it really liked it Sep 27, Luke rated it it was ok Feb 09, Melamory rated it it was amazing May 24, Lucy rated it liked it Apr 10, Heather Garber rated it it was amazing Jun 16, Noughty rated it liked it Sep 10, Johanna rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Brenda Maldonado rated it liked it Apr 07, KyAnn Waters rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Lea rated it liked it Oct 30, Sue bowdley rated it really liked it Feb 11, Blackheart rated it it was ok Aug 19, Draga rated it liked it Jul 01, Cat rated it really liked it Oct 18, Lindsay rated it liked it Sep 02, Janie rated it liked it Nov 28, Net rated it it was ok Aug 19, Tailtiu rated it liked it Oct 14, Jennifer rated it liked it Aug 14, Shay rated it liked it Dec 27, Kera rated it it was amazing Mar 13, Devin rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Mandi rated it liked it Nov 21, Serena Yates added it Oct 03, Stacy marked it as to-read Oct 26, Jason Bradley marked it as to-read Oct 26, Monica marked it as to-read Oct 27, From this set, I'd pick The Waters of Mars , which was a fine take on the "base under seige" style of Who plot.

With series 5 there was a wholesale change. Russel Davies gave up the role of showrunner, handing over to Moffat. Tenant also gave up the role of the Doctor. Matt Smith became the eleventh Doctor, and we got a new companion in Amy, later joined by her husband Rory.

River Song becomes an important character in various episodes in series 5 and 6 after this. Series 5 is also another good series to watch all the way through, with good development up to the finale. But if you want to stay with cherry picking, do watch Amy's Choice , and perhaps Vincent and the Doctor [3].

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One of the traditions of New Who is to have a Christmas special episode for broadcast on Christmas Day. Davis did the earlier christmas specials, and I don't put any of them on my pick list. The unresolved question from this episode may entice you to watch this whole series, and that's not a bad choice. Series 7 is a series of two distinct parts, with a halfway split seeing the departure of Amy and Rory and the arrival of the new companion Clara.

My cherry-picking suggestion here is to see The Asylum of the Daleks first which sort-of introduces Clara. Then see The Snowmen which picks up the Doctor after he is sadly separated from Amy and Rory and sort-of introduces him to Clara.

50 Great Feel-Good Stories

Moffat does some clever meta-textual stuff here, which you can only appreciate fully if you're a completist but those two episodes still stand strong even without fully getting the meta-text in the background. Series 7 finishes with the Big Event episode of Who so far, the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor , broadcast 50 years after the first episode.

Naturally there's a huge amount of references for the fans in this episode, which unites both Tenant and Smith's Doctor, together with John Hurt's sort-of Doctor. It still stands alone for pickers, so don't let the lack of background stop you watching it. Before you do, however, catch the minisode: the The Night of the Doctor on youtube. It's a remarkable coup of story-writing to get so much into a seven minute episode although it does help to know that Paul McGann played the eighth Doctor, the one that immediately preceded the New Who period.

With series 8, Peter Capaldi takes on the role of the twelfth Doctor, and brings a darker, less charming Doctor to the scene. Not everyone liked this take on the character, but I do as it reminds me of My Doctor the 3rd - Jon Pertwee. It also is my favorite full-series arc, with some great character development and interplay between the Doctor and Clara. For cherry pickers, however, I'd pick out Into the Dalek , Listen , Kill the Moon , and Mummy on the Orient Express , but ensure you see the others before you see Mummy on the Orient Express since that last episode gains a lot from getting familiar with Capaldi's Doctor. As I write this, the latest Doctor Who episode was Last Christmas , the latest Christmas Special, which is also a pick for its wonderful mashup of Alien, Santa Claus, and another movie you'll recognize. So how about Classic Who? There's lots of Classic Who, but if you're going to explore it, I should pick out a couple of places to start. Unlike New Who which goes for single or double episodes, Classic Who had short serials of half hour episodes.

I would start with City of Death , which has the iconic Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor, Romana as a Time Lord companion, and a script that clearly shows it was part-written by Douglas Adams. After that I have to point you to some 3rd Doctor since he's My Doctor , and pick out Carnival of Monsters , written by Robert Holmes, generally rated as the greatest of the Classic Who writers, and features Jo Grant who was the companion I best remember.

Wikipedia has staggeringly detailed descriptions of Doctor Who and all its various episodes, again showing the perhaps troubling dedication of Whovians. You see Doctor Who is only secondarily about entertainment, it's primary purpose was always to scare the living daylights out of small children. I may be too old now to get behind the sofa, but I do remember how much I enjoyed it.

It has a different appeal to most of my other picks, so is worth it if only for a change of pace.