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My mom used to always make these when we were younger. By the way…. My m om used to make these all the time for us! My kids are much too sophisticated for an english muffin, though. They want pita pizzas, haha! Thanks for add on Food Buzz! I love meeting other foodies who blog and love food just as much as me. I so need to make them now. Yours look really good. Oh goodness, these take me way back! These were my snack of choice all the way through college, love them!

They make a great lunch or a after school snack.

Easy Pizza Sauce

Oh my goodness, do those ever remind me of my childhood. And you know what? That needs to be fixed and fast.

Thank you so much for the reminder :D Oh and bbq sauce on pizza is the best. Great flashback. We even set up a stand and sold them once. Thank you. A definite flashback — but I make them often. My daughter loves them. I loved them as a kid and still love them now!

I go back and forth. If I had a toaster oven I would totally make use of it for something like this. Thanks for the reminder. I also love how you can make these really healthy too by using whole wheat muffins and veggies as toppings. These look great! I had totally forgotten about the wonderful little pizzas one could make with these. Just to echo what everyone else has already said — these totally bring me back!

Growing up my dad made fabulous dinner from scratch every night so believe it or not things like tv dinners were a total treat for us.

Roasted Garlic Chicken White Sauce Pizza

And make your own English muffin pizza night was particularly special. What a lovely idea. This is brilliant for the kids. We love muffins and pizza is just the top So simple, and yet, so delicious! Also, in search for ingredients, I discovered that they now make little mini pepperonis, which were a perfect touch. Thanks for reminding me of this delicious treat!

Great for snack as well as breakfast. Great ideas Rachel. I have grated cheese and I could use them in this. I was just looking for guidelines for baking.

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Our English muffin pizzas were delicious with chicken, veggies, pizza sauce and a mixture of mozzarella and Asiago cheese! Two hints.

Recipes by Course

Put a few drops of olive oil on the halves before adding the toppings. They will crisp up the bottoms. Also, if you use pepperoni, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese of the slices to soak up the grease. The taste is great too!


Made these with my daughter in , when she was almost twelve years old. Brings back great memories!! English muffin pizzas always remind me of mom. Anyway- you mentioned youve never put Alfredo on pizza. You have to try a chicken, broccoli, and Alfredo pizza. Sicilian toppings are minimal, with tomato sauce placed above the cheese to hold it all together and ensure a well-cooked crust.

Very similar to the Sicilian but not as common to find , is the elusive Grandma, which presents itself as a thinner, crunchier version of the Sicilian.

Pizza Sauce Recipe - Chef John's Secret Pizza Sauce Recipe

Where to get it: While many tourists make the pilgrimage to Di Fara for a N. Diving into a deep dish pizza is not an easy undertaking. These one-to-two-inch thick giants of the pizza world are not available by the slice and often require a fork and knife to handle. Not to be confused with deep-dish pizza, stuffed pizza sports a thin crowning layer of pizza dough used to seal all of the delectable ingredients in think pot pie and ensure extra structural support of the pizza.

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  4. The final pie is then topped with a layer of rich tomato sauce and a light dusting of Parmesan. What do you get when you take a Sicilian-style pizza recipe and bake it in blue steel pans originally designed for the auto industry?

    Exquisite Pizza Sauce Recipe -

    The square pans act like a cast iron skillet to create a super crisp crunch on the crust, and bakers deliberately push the blend of mozzarella and Brick cheese up the deep interior sides of the pans to form an awesome caramelization. The result is a pan pizza on steroids. Traditionalists bake the pizza twice and put the sauce on last to ensure a perfectly crisp crust. The St.

    Louis-style pizza is cracker thin all the way around, cut into squares referred to as a party cut , with toppings that stretch all the way to the edge, a sweet sauce, and a regional cheese called Provel a combination of cheddar, Swiss, provolone and liquid smoke. Louis and beyond. Toppings are the big tip off with California-style pizzas. In the Ohio Valley region which includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky , toppings are added to square pies after the dough exits the oven, the theory being that the heat from the crust will cook the toppings.

    You won't find Ohio Valley-style pizza in every pizzeria in all of these states, but you'll have the most luck tracking one down if you're in this region. This style is found all over the Midwest in cities such as St. Louis, Columbus, Chicago, and Milwaukee. Introduced in by Johanne Killeen and George German, the chef owners of Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island, serve pizza dough brushed with oil before taking a turn or two on the grill over hot coals.

    Cheese and toppings are added after the last flip and allowed to melt, finishing off the pizza. Mostly found in the southeast United States and at chain pizzerias such as Pizza Hut, this pizza is proofed and cooked in a pan with oil or butter imparting a thick, buttery crust. However, it has spread across the states as far as Wisconsin, Florida and Colorado.