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Keith and Larry show up and begin to attack Benjamin out of revenge for killing them. Pete stops them as Montana told everyone that there should be no killing until the festival. The ghosts are infuriated over Richter killing most of them. They demand to know why he has returned to the camp. Richter explains that he came to kill Richard Ramirez and questions if they're actually ghosts. They tell Richter that they don't have a passage of time and can still feel pain along with pleasure.

The Lady in White

However, they're angry that they're bound to Camp Redwood. Richter questions as to why, since they don't have to deal with the real world. They explain that they are terrorized by a woman dressed in a white night gown, who chases them. Richter realizes that the woman dressed in white is his mother and explains that Camp Redwood was known as Camp Golden Star back then. After Bobby's death, Lavinia was completely overcome with grief and rage that she slaughtered the staff one night.

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A young Benjamin walked into the scene and Lavinia beckoned him to hug her. Benjamin ran out instead, with his mother chasing him with a knife. When Lavinia grabbed a hold of Benjamin, he stabs her in the abdomen and kills her out of defense. Richter asks the ghosts about his mother's whereabouts and Montana tells Xavier to take him.

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Xavier guides Richter back to an abandoned cabin. Richter enters alone and Lavinia greets him. She is disgusted with Richter and is distraught that she could never find Bobby despite hearing him. She pities Richter's son for having a father like him. Lavinia admits that she had watched Richter the entire he was at Camp Redwood.

She even admits to manipulating Margaret to carry out the massacre and blame Richter. She disappears, leaving a devastated Richter alone in the cabin. Donna and Brooke believe they have gotten away from Bruce as they wait at a stoplight. Suddenly, a police car speeds towards them and rear ends the car. The two are knocked unconscious. The man in the car in front of them gets out to check the scene but is shot by Bruce.

Later on, Brooke finds herself in the car with Bruce. Bruce gives her two options: She puts the car into drive and drag Donna who is tied to the car by a rope or he shoots Brooke and drags Donna himself. Brooke decides the first option and puts the car into reverse.


Bruce is struck by the dashboard as he jolts forward. Donna unties herself and tries to choke Bruce with the rope.

Brooke stops her and tells Donna that she has a better idea. Margaret , Trevor , and Courtney are at Camp Redwood as they set up the music festival.


A tour bus shows up and Limahl greets them. As Margaret talks to him, Trevor notices Montana's ghost and is surprised to see her. He tells Margaret that he is going to go sweep one of the restrooms. He goes to one of the clearings and Montana appears before him. Trevor is confused, knowing that she is dead.

The Lady with a Fan

Montana tells him that she is dead and the two proceed to kiss. Donna and Brooke tie up Bruce to a sign and cut off both thumbs so he can no longer hitchhike. Brooke decides to leave Donna and walk to Camp Redwood. But, Donna insists that she join her to see things go through to the end. During the night, Limahl sees Richard Ramirez near the tour bus and asks what he's doing.

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Ramirez explains that he's a big fan and he's here to collect for Satan. He slashes Limahl's throat. Courtney walks into the tour bus with a basket of treats. He screams as he sees that all the members of Kajagoogoo on the tour bus have been murdered. Richter sits on the dock and Lavinia approaches him. She demands that he leave and that he doesn't deserve to grieve for Bobby.

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Richter explains that he misses him and even named his son after him. Lavinia encourages to kill himself before Ramirez comes to collect him for Satan. Lavinia disappears and Richter ponders for a moment. An x-ray of this painting revealed the presence of a door in the original background. Leonardo's Lady with an Ermine is one of the most important works in all of Western art. Only a handful of authentic panel painting of him survive.

Enormously curious, Leonardo often painted with experimental materials or abandoned projects once he had mastered the formal challenge each presented.

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An object of the greatest rarit, the Lady with an Ermine is a captivating image of exquisite elegance and reveals the artistic genius of Leonardo da Vinci's incomparable creative mind. The Lady With An Ermine' came into Polish hands in , after it was bought by the young Prince Adam Czartoryski later a hero in the fight for Polish independence during his tour of Italy. The painting was for his mother, a keen collector and the foundress of the Czartoryski Museum. Princess Izabela may have been a great patriot but her handling of the Leonardo painting would have given modern art historians a heart attack.

Taking a disliking to Leonardo's blue background, the Princess promptly had it painted jet black, and then painted on an erroneous title 'La Belle Ferronniere'' a portrait that now hangs in the Louvre. What is perhaps more astounding is the painting's survival. Forced into exile on many occasions, walled up in hidden cellars in country palaces and then stolen by Cracow's wartime Nazi governor, The Lady has not had an easy ride The Czartoryski's Raphael is still missing to this day, and an empty frame hangs on the wall opposite the Leonardo.

When the "Lady With An Ermine" was initially retrieved after the Nazi invasion of , an SS soldier's footprint was found on the portrait. It was a fitting metaphor for the attempts that had been made over the centuries to trample Polish cultural institutions, of which the Czartoryski Museum is one of the most radiant.