The Prophet Joel: Christs Bride and the Day of the Lord

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God wants us to focus on His message , not a man. But God still sends a man to do the job! That man must trumpet this message—this terrifyingly urgent message to the whole world! It takes a team. And what a mind-dazzling reward God has for those who support and do His work. The nation of Germany, spoken of in many prophecies, is going to conquer Israel and usher in the Great Tribulation. This nation has the teeth of a lion—even the strong jaw-teeth of a ferocious lion.

Germany is going to rip and tear Israel like a lion attacking a lamb. Amos Joel also shows how complete that destruction is going to be. For more information, request our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire. Joel then goes on to explain that a vast army is going to inflict the same kind of horror on Germany—just before Christ returns to rule.

But God is concerned about something more important than all of these nations. The word virgin should read bride. This could not refer to the nations of Israel today. God divorced Israel anciently. God is addressing His Church spiritually. His wife is now getting ready for her marriage to Christ Revelation God tells her to lament in sackcloth —a symbol of repentance.

She is lamenting over the Husband of her youth. The bride has turned away from the Husband of her youth. Because the Lord hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth , against whom thou hast dealt treacherously: yet is she thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant. These people have changed major doctrines in the Church that was led by Herbert W. Armstrong—the Church of their youth! But Joel tells us clearly what their major problem is.

Armstrong led the Church! They have been treacherous to Christ and His Church. Jesus Christ is no longer their Head. This was all prophesied to happen.

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That is why God condemns His bride first in the book of Joel. It is so bad that God has to cut them off. Remember, God talks to His Church spiritually. They are cut off from their Husband.

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Christ has stopped doing His work through them—a colossal disaster! So there was a time when they were led by Christ and did His work. Then they were cut off from their Husband and stopped doing His work. All of this happened in this end time. God is spelling it out in detail so nobody has an excuse. Times are coming quickly that will paralyze us with fear. Only deep, deep repentance can save us from a physical and spiritual calamity!

God condemns the ministers or priests most of all.

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They are commanded to mourn and repent. The ministers are the main cause of this spiritual disaster! The rebellious ministers and people must put on their repentance sackcloth. There is a remnant that is not cut off. They are proclaiming the message of Joel and other prophecies. Only a small group—a few thousand people out of almost 6 billion—are delivering the most important message on this Earth—by far! This message is revealed to a man and empowered by Jesus Christ! This little group is unique. This very elect Church has received new revelation from all of the former, major and minor prophets.

Only the firstfruits have Christ as a Husband through all eternity. That is why God requires so much of His Church. What an opportunity the firstfruits have! God also depicts suffering to come upon everybody verses God quickly gets back to addressing His Church. He tells them to howl like a dog.

This illustrates that God is calling for extreme repentance! Why is God so strong?

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Joel - Judah, the Locust, and the Day of the Lord - SLJ Institute

This is the supreme connection between the Laodiceans and the Philadelphians. But the Laodiceans have rejected His rule and must repent bitterly. This is no time for vain sacrifices or a vain work. This is the omnipotent, all-powerful God speaking. And He says these ministers should howl and lie in sackcloth all night—or profoundly repent. Their rebellion is gigantic. So bad, that they should forget sleep and concentrate solely on repentance! If not, they will be plunged into the Great Tribulation, where 50 percent of them will die forever.

It is an urgent meeting about repentance. God prophesied that He would make the Laodiceans come back to the Philadelphian message Revelation In the book of Zephaniah, God pleads with them to repent now, before the Tribulation and the Day of the Lord. The word Almighty is seldom used in the Bible. It is not a mere name. When the word Almighty is used in the New Testament, it is used almost exclusively in the book of Revelation.

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But the Day of the Lord eclipses that wrath many times over. We are in the gun lap today. World conditions are going to get vastly worse—quickly! That is why this urgent message must go to all of the Laodiceans and the world. These events are ready to explode on the world scene. So says this prophecy of Joel. Is not spiritual meat cut off before our eyes? It has all happened before our eyes! Only the blind Laodiceans and the world fail to see. And it all happens in this end time before our stunned eyes!

A great catastrophe!

Overview: Joel

God would never have cut them off had they not rejected His government! Every Laodicean group in existence has rejected the government God taught through Mr.

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  • How do the beasts groan! This applies mostly to physical destruction. The beasts are groaning, crying in terror because of a total crop failure. The calamity is so mountainous that only God can solve it! This is why our message is so urgent today. Soon, only those people God protects will escape these towering catastrophes! Both of these verses discuss a devouring fire.

    Not a scorching fire, but a devouring nuclear fire that destroys all of the green vegetation. It seems that even the animals sense there is a God and cry out to Him for help. The book of Joel is full of tragedy.