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The scorekeeper, not the judges, will be responsible for calculating the true score after factoring in the point deduction.

Universal Sword Fighting Principles

If the referee does not call the foul, judges must not make that assessment on their own and should not factor such into their scoring calculations. Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. RULES The following acts constitute fouls in a contest or exhibition of mixed martial arts and may result in penalties, at the discretion of the referee, if committed: - Butting with the head - Eye gouging of any kind - Biting or spitting at an opponent - Fish hooking act of inserting a finger or fingers or one or both hands into the mouth or nostrils or a person, pulling away from the centerline of the body - Hair pulling - Spiking an opponent to the canvas on his head or neck - Strikes to the spine or the back of the head.

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Favorite athlete? Fantasy match-ups? Unlike Hollywood however, parries should be a last resort and should be part of a layered defense as the best option to avoid an incoming strike or thrust is to not be there when the strike comes in, by a combination of footwork, slipping or ducking the attack and having a parry in place as a last line of defense.

It is a controversial book, with stick figure illustrations and somewhat lightweight at only 80 pages. But the Modern Swordsman by Fred Hutchinson is, at least in my opinion, one of the very best books on Sword Fighting and Sword training for the self taught swordsman ever written.. From training on a wooden pell to deliberately practicing sword strikes in slow motion with exaggerated strikes that extend beyond the ideal to simulate the effects of an adrenaline surge on technique, to recommendations to train with overly heavy swords to build up muscle all the right spots and make a normal sword feel weightless, this book is jam packed with unique and innovative sword training ideas.

For example, have you ever thought about training your hand eye coordination by striking or thrusting at floating, randomly moving bubbles? You would be surprised how hard it is - and how such a simple drill can dramatically increase your precision and ability to avoid focusing on details that will distract you or cause you to lose focus.

No-one these days who trains in swordsmanship literally expect to end up in a life and death sword fight.

This 52-Page 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Manual Is a Tribute to a Lost Art

But most serious martial artists who study the sword, be it in the Eastern or the Western Tradition mentally train as if preparing for the real thing in order for it to be valid and as Guy Windsor so eloquently put it in his book Sword Fighting For Writers, Game Designers and Martial Artists "Every martial art is, at its root, a way to handle the terror that comes with someone trying to kill you".

In a very personal story by Guy, he explains how his sword training helped him cope with the stress of almost losing both his wife and his baby daughter to a pregnancy gone horribly wrong in its late stages. Part of this was combat breathing in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4 but the majority of his strength came from his sword training experiences and mental toughening it brings about.. Because back in the day, real sword fighting was much more hideous, viscous and downright frightening than Hollywood could ever imagine. Forensic archeologists have found that the vast majority of skeletons found on the battlefield took several hideous blows before they finally succumbed to their wounds..

The records abound with tales of men continuing to fight long after a sensible modern person would have stopped and called an ambulance There is no pain in the midst of combat. That comes later". Probably the most exciting part of training, other than sword fighting and sparring practice, is test cutting - and it is practiced at various levels.

The Mixed Martial Arts Handbook

From formalized and very serious Japanese Tameshigiri to casual backyard cutting of water filled bottles, often all you need is to take into account some very important safety considerations, a suitable target and - of course - a well made and sharp sword. So what is a suitable target?

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Well, here are some that are popular in the sword training community:. Of course, for the sharp sword part - you'll find plenty of reviews and information on many different types of swords in the various sections of SBG. But for information on what kind of targets to use and how to cut safely, I think you'll find the free ebook and video below to be of some considerable benefit:.

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A MUST watch video for everyone and anyone who handles swords. And in this case, the picture sent to me below is the best way to REALLY drive it home that swords are not toys and that a moments lack of concentration can have implications that last a lifetime This injury was caused by a Gladius sword that cut right through the target and kept going, biting deep into the cutters leg and causing him to lose 6 pints of blood and requiring 66 stitches and emergency surgery Swords are not toys.

Aikido Technique Books: Technical manuals to use as reference for your Aikido

I hope you found this information on sword fighting and training helpful. Navigation Menu. Sword Buyers Directory Our Store! SBG Sword Store. Click for the best deals in Sword Fighting the pointy end goes in the other guy.